Woman’s Day: Buy the Perfect Pair of Readers!

women Prescription glasses
March 09, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Women’s Day ushers the celebration of womanhood. It brings in a reason to congratulate yourself in the various roles you play through life seamlessly.

As a woman you have been or are a chef, mother, mother-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, an advisor, a guide, a butler, a housekeeper, a confidante and a constant support for all loved ones.

It is amazing how versatile a woman can be effortlessly, strong and independent yet mellow and emotional. The various hues of her personality texture people around her so well.

Her eyes that hold several dreams, hopes and the endless love need to be accessorised well. To be able to see through the several tints of emotions.

Now you have reached your golden years and all you remember is fragments of your youth. You find yourself much older than yesterday especially when you hold the specials menu at one arm's distance because it blurs and you cant see as clearly as you used to.

You have realised that you are gracefully aging and need reading glasses to correct your vision. You go to your optometrist and get your prescription and now are thinking of which lenses and frames to pick that will make your perfect readers.

You have to choose amongst the types of lenses- bifocals that give you magnifying at the bottom and vision correction at the top. Multifocals- that give you three vision in a streamlined method.

Gone are the days when you had to restrict yourself to the conventional style of rectangle frames. Now there are multitude of options in frames, textures and varieties to pick from in rimless, semi rimmed and full rimmed glasses.

We at Optically this Woman’s Day have compiled a list of glasses that will be the perfect treat for your eyes on this special occasion.

1) The Metal frame in Cat-eye with an indent near the upsweep angle is the perfect combination of chic and class. The broad glasses make vision periphery wider. The cat-eye is good pick for your feline elegance.

2) The Classic Tortoise Shell is an all time favourite texture that is versatile in nature. The slight cat-eye with double metal studs add sheen and sophistication. The white arms make a bold statement.

3) The Black and Red combo is a classic never go wrong colour. The reflection of hues makes is sophisticated and fun to style. With its broad frame you can make a multifocal or a varifocal in ease.

4) The circular glasses are for ardent fashion followers. The Black colour in Acetate is suited at any event or occasion and the lightweight nature makes it a comfortable wear.

5) Florals are the trending prints and compliment your femininity in vogue. The selection of bright colours add youthful style and the pink armrests are subtly cute.

6) A combination of metal and acetate this tortoiseshell texture in square glasses is an all time favourite for in fashion sensibility and glamour.

7) This Cate Blanchett look alike frame in two tone is funky with retro influence in the bottom clear body. The frame is comfortable to carry and exuberates a casual vibe.