Why Tortoise Shell Glasses Will Always Remain Everyone’s Best Pick?

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August 16, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Tortoise Shell Glasses- A Timeless Appeal

Do you want a studious and preppy look that adds just a hint of spunk and Hollywood glamour? When you buy prescription glasses online at Optically, you have scores of thoughtful frames especially handpicked for your visual comfort.

A massive vintage and hipster revival is taking the fashion world by storm. At the center of it is the eyewear that is sure to set your pulse racing. Tortoise shell glasses are making a huge comeback and you seriously should not miss out on these awesome designer glasses online!

Old Hollywood Style

Also known as the horn rimmed glasses, this speckled eyewear are a favourite of many. When you buy prescription sunglasses online you can opt for a turtle’s shell glasses that have a stippled frame. This distinctive pattern of mottled yellow, brown and honey spots are actually very similar to the shells in real turtles.

JFK and James Dean wore them in the 1960s. Nowadays, Bruno Mars and Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Steve Carell flash these with finesse on and off the red carpet!

With Hollywood sweetheart Ryan Gosling revolutionizing these iconic pairs, these glasses of a forgotten yore are back in full force. It’s time that you get your hands on the best tortoise fashion styles and revamp your own eyewear wardrobe!

Enduring Tortoise Shell Glasses

Originally, tortoise shell eyewear was popular in the 1950s. These glasses first appeared in the market when real turtle skin was used to make these. Post 1970, the practice of using animals was banned.

Your tortoise shell frames are not about one-style-fits-all. You have to think about your skin tone and hair color. While brown honey tones go well with blue eyes, a lighter complexion is best for classic brown shell frames. Darker complexion is best paired with lighter colors such as mustard and cream frames.

In order to find the perfect frames for your face and style, you’ll have to try on a number of different tortoise shell frames, and there is simply no excuse for not looking amazing!

And if you really want confirmation that tortoise shell is trending with men, just take a look at what the celebrities are wearing. Famous men, from both our past and current days, wore tortoise shell frames in different styles.

Most tortoise shell glasses are made of acetate and no turtle is ever hurt in making these beloveds. For many years black was the favourite color of your glasses, but times are changing.

These glasses are a versatile accessory to wear for a casual or even formal evening party.

You can veer away from the traditional mix of brown and black and choose multi colored frames at Optically to showcase your creative side.

Some of our best tortoise shell picks as new arrivals are listed below:

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    Posh in Purple

These unisex eyeglasses come with Essilor Glazing and come with free prescription lenses and coatings. Optically has a 48 hour despatch for simple prescriptions and a 90 day unconditional return guarantee.

tortoise shell frame

    Timeless Try On

You can wear your tortoise shell frames with jewelry and works wonders with everything in your wardrobe. These horn rimmed glasses are perfect men who sport an erudite look with equal ease.

men’s glasses

    Bygones Revisited

This is a stylish new arrival that is selling like hot cakes in men’s glasses. With just one pair left, you can own this pair and add definition to your face. The arms are flexible and look sexy and suave. The pair sits pretty on your nose without any bruise. The pair that is left comes with free prescription lenses and a digital coating.

Ladies have long worn these iconic glasses, the men are fast catching up and admittedly, this is a style that ceases to wear thin with age! So face up and flaunt these glasses with flair!