Why Prescription Sunglasses?

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January 04, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Are you one of those eyeglasses wearers who hate wearing their glasses on special occasions and day time parties. Our glasses somehow take down our fashion quotient a bit lower. Well, not all people feel this way but, we have a goodread for the ones who do. If you are still stuck with feeling less stylish in the daytime as you cannot do without your glasses we suggest ‘prescription sunglasses’. Many people seem to be negligent about this idea. Prescription sunglasses are stylish, smart, protecting and also easily available. So the next time you buy glasses online do keep in mind that you also need a pair of prescription sunglasses.

When can you use them?

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace during the day! You can use them while driving to protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun. They prevent dust and other particles from entering your eyes. They protect your skin from tan and allergies. So, you can use your prescription sunglasses almost all the time.


Are they affordable?

Optically.ae offers an extensive range of prescription sunglasses from non designer to designer frames starting just from AED70. Buying glasses online has its own benefits. They can way cheaper than they are in the high end stores. With online option shopping options you get not only branded but also affordable prescription sunglasses.


  • With right prescription they improve your vision

  • Prevents harmful UV rays that can cause vision problems and ageing

  • Glare protection with polarised lens

  • You can try different styles and colors and enhancements to protect your eyes

  • Gives clearer vision

So well, now that you know a little bit more about prescription sunglasses, you need to make a wise choice of buying and using them with the right prescription and attitude.