What you don't know about your Glasses!

Prescription sunglasses
February 16, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Sunglasses are not just used for eye protection but also as a fashion accessory. Gone are the days when sunglasses were worn only in summer against the sun, today sunglasses are sported even indoors!

Prescription sunglasses are making accessorizing so much easier for everyone. With the wide selection of frames, materials and colours owning more than one pair of sunglasses is a must.

Countless shapes and styles are available in sunglasses today including the different types of lenses that you require. Polaroid, UV Protected and Tinted to choose from.

Sunglasses can enhance your eyes or even change your look. Like the cat-eye to elegant, to square for chic and round for official.

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Before you choose your favourite pair to be shipped have you ever wondered what types of sunglasses exist? Or have the names baffled you too?

We at optically have compiled an easy guide below to answer all your common questions about glasses….

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Goggles: These are close fitting, closed from sides frames used for safety and protection of eyes, used in sports, manufacturing and industrial health & safety measures

Wayfarers: These came into picture in early 1950’s with Ray Ban launching their first pair of square, wide and broad frame styles. They are thick framed and use materials like acetate and plastic.

They were introduced with the regular Black and Brown, today latest textures like tortoise shell and clear frames are also incorporated in them. Check them out at: optically.ae

Aviators: These were launched as early as 1935 by Ray Ban for the Army Air Force Pilots for reducing glare while flying.

They use metal, thin wire frames and larger bottom rounds for complete eye coverage. Aviators use tinted or smoked glass that is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom.

Types of glasses

Browline: These glasses are thick frames and have a thick brow embellishment- that goes across the eyebrows hence browline.

They use acetate, plastic or even metal for the broad look and use designs to accentuate the brow where the bottom frame is thin wired.

Vintage Square: The classic style of square shaped frames, thick and uniform was the first introduction in sunglasses.

You can also call it the box shape that is very versatile and suits any face type.The classic square then evolved into other frame shapes and patterns.

Round: Known as the John Lennon style of specs are circular lensed glasses that add other features like small shield on the side, metal extended sides and even embellishments on the side.

We all know of Harry Potter and his famous rounded pair, very retro in the origin but very trendy today.

Sport : These are made for wider coverage of eyes that thin and taper at the temples and wider towards the nose brim.

They are glare resistant, even dust and scratch resistant for increased performance and durability. They even come in a wrap around ear handles for better performance.

Cat Eye: Identified by the Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, they are identified by tapered upswept angles mimicking the eyes of cat. They are feminine and elegant.