Unique Prescription Eyeglass Frames For Women in UAE

women Prescription glasses
February 23, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

A stylish pair of eyeglasses makes a remarkable fashion statement. And that the reason, why we often see women accessorizing their outfit with a chic pair of eyeglasses that compliments their looks and features.

Women may wear prescription eyeglasses to correct their vision, or as a fashion accessory, but one common thing among all the glasses wear is - they want their glasses to enhance their personality and make them look stunning. The right frame, right color right size, and style play a significant role in helping you look great.

However, if you wish to stand out and look different, you need to pick a unique pair of eyeglass frames. From the time eyeglasses were invented, the fashion conscious designers have worked hard to create unique frames. Every decade we have discovered different frame styles. Some of the popular eyeglasses styles are aviators glasses, retro-wingtips, cat-eyes frames, oversized glasses, brow-line, and sporty glasses. All these styles are still popular and will continue to stay in fashion forever.

Here are few of our unique eyeglasses frames that may inspire you to try out a new look.

Cat-eye frames

cat eye glass

Cat-eye frames and cat-eye reading glasses are currently one of our most popular styles available. These traditional retro style of cat-eye eyeglasses by OXYDO are fun and quirky.

Oversized & Bold eyeglasses

oversize and bold  eyeglass

This prominent style of eyeglasses of the bold frame by Marc Jacobs emphasizes in its distinct shape of these glasses. These big, bold frames are funky and will make you look super stylish.

Translucent eyeglass frames

translucent eyeglass

These trasculant brown color tinted frames is a unique pair of eyeglasses you don’t see every day. This trasculant eyeglasses by Safilo are funky and different that will undoubtedly enhance your look and your collection. The color and the shape of this frame make it more wearable and comfortable.

For similar styles and collection browse our collection glasses online at Optically UAE, and you’ll surely find a pair that suits your style and personality.