Top Selling Branded Sunglasses At Optically UAE

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May 30, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Sunglasses surely do a lot when it comes to adding some charm & smartness to your personality. They play a crucial role in our day-to-day life; it's a vital fashion accessory that instantly transforms a simple look into a fashionable one. You might be looking for sunglasses that are durable and provides maximum UV protection. It is essential to choose sunglasses that compliments your lifestyle and personality.

Many optical technicians and eye specialist recommend using good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Based on your requirements you can choose different lens coatings for your sunglasses such as anti-reflective, anti-scratch, blue light reduction and UV protected coating. At Optically UAE, we also assist you to convert your branded sunglasses into prescription sunglasses to avoid the inconvenience associated with carrying more than one pair.

In this blog, we will provide you with the best of the information regarding branded sunglasses for men & women.

Here are the fashionable sunglasses brands for men and women:


Gucci Sunglasses

GUCCI is an Italian brand know for its fashion accessories for men and women. They started manufacturing sunglasses in the 1990’s, and today it is one of the leading brands in sunglasses manufacturing. The brand offers an endless collection of sunglasses from aviators to the classic square frame to oversized sunglasses in different colors and styles for men and women.


Fendi Sunglasses

Fendi is yet another famous eyewear brand from Italy. It’s a well-known luxurious fashion house that creates promising designs that are timeless and charming. If you buy Fendi sunglasses today, you’ll wear them forever. Oversized sunglasses and Cat-eye sunglasses are among their popular collection. Fendi is a high-end fashion brand with a steeper price tag and unique designs.

Women’s sunglasses by Fendi are a preferable choice by the top fashionista’s for its creative design and quality.


Carrera Sunglasses

Carrera is an Austria based company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality sunglasses for medium to a high price tag. You can be sure of finding any style, material, and shape of sunglasses in Carrera Sunglasses collection. Many of the sunglasses pairs offer wrap around or over-sized lenses made for both men and women.


 HUGO BOSS Sunglasses

HUGO BOSS is a luxurious fashion house from Germany. This is an iconic sunglasses brand that offers premium quality classic and chic sunglasses for men and women. HUGO BOSS sunglasses collection encompasses of class, redefined elegance, high-quality and care for details.

There you go, you now have a lot to choose from choices regarding your next pair of sunglasses. Irrespective of what your focus point is - classic look, maximum UV protection, or perfect fit, you will find one that suits your face and personality.