Tips To Buy The Best Designer Sunglasses in Summer

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Factors That Affect Buying Designer Sunglasses in Summer

July 26, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Let’s face it: Summers can be scorching here and an outing in the Arabian Desert may just be a complete no-no without the right anti-sun fashion accessories.

You are neither a hermit nor an even keeled vampire who basks in the darkness! When you go out in the sun during the day, your skin and hair get damaged by the sun’s rays. To add to the woes, your eyes too suffer from sun damage as well. Choosing the best sunglasses is a must as it helps you avert the dangers of overexposure to UV rays!

The right sunglasses online are more than your average prescription glasses. If you decide to perk up your summer attire with designer glasses, you should keep in mind a few functional aspects.

Summer sunshine can be bad for your eyes if you stay outdoors on work or travel. Selecting the correct pair of sunnies is more than just looking cool on a sunny day.

Read the Brand USP

UV protection is must if you want to sidestep damaging diseases like cataracts, bloodshot eyes or even certain types of cancer. You should opt for brands that offer UV400 or 100% UV protection.

Check for Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses cut down the glare of the sun. If you are surfing or even boating and fishing on a sunny day, insist on wearing polarized glasses.

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Consider Durability of Designer Eyeglasses

When opting for the full rimmed glasses or sunglasses, check for a digital coating that helps protect vision during regular work in front of the computer. Polycarbonate frames are wonderful and at Optically UAE, we sell prescription sunglasses that are top of the customer list.

Choose Color Combinations

Tinted glasses come in various hues. You should select sunglasses that have 100% clarity and are equally wearable in low light condition. If you are a sharp shooter who does competitive shooting at gun ranges, wear colors that improve contrast.

Check for Lens Change Options

Transition lenses often are great for sunglasses. You can opt for sunglasses that enable you to change the lenses after some wear and tear.

Optically enables you to reglaze sunglasses and help polish your lenses in style. If you have worn out nose pads and frames, we offer replacements too.

With over 25 brands to choose your summer eyewear from, Optically UAE offers you a vast array of sunglasses both for men and women.

Once you buy sunglasses online, we send you instant email order updates for your pair. Order now and bring home the finest goggles in the country!