Things to Remember While Buying Everyday Glasses Online

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July 25, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Regular Eyewear: Things to Remember When Buying Online

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! Albeit a tad bit hackneyed, this adage holds true for your regular all day eyewear.

What you sport truly defines your inner and outer beauty. When you shop online, you are spoiled for choice and quality. When shopping for prescription glasses online, you can buy better array of products at affordable prices.

To get started with an online purchase of eyewear, you need a current prescription that helps denote the exact state of your eyesight.

Typically, when buying designer glasses frames, optometrists suggests users to note the state of their vision. Even if your eyewear prescription does not have an expiration date you must consult your eye doctor every two years considering that eye glasses need to be up-to-date according to correct sight measurements.

Here are the common areas you need to take care of before buying glasses online

Know the exact pupillary distance

The pupillary distance is always measured in millimetres. This is the distance between the centers of the pupils of both eyes. This is a crucial measurement that will help you buy women’s glasses online apart from the other eyewear. An incorrect measurement could cause eye strain later on while you fit into new glasses. Your PD could be written on your prescription and you can typically ask your doctor for the accurate number. This helps the optician center your lenses on your pupils for exact vision.

Try an eyewear retailer that offers variety

If you want a variety of frames or even styles to choose then shopping for designer online glasses is your answer. In fact, at, users can buy different kinds of glasses that suit their lifestyle and be customized to their preferences. Optically features 36 designer labels offering affordable and trustworthy prescription glasses and sunglasses while adding new styles periodically to their collection.

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Opt for the best fit

The best fit can be got by seeing how the frames look and sit on your face. Optically brilliantly engineered the Virtual Mirror by letting you virtually try on all frames featured on their website by a simple upload of your close-up portrait. So no more running to the retail stores anymore!

Why choose us at

At Optically, while meeting the varied needs of our customers we provide glasses that have 1.56 index lenses and an anti glare coating. Apart from the standard lenses, we also offer the widely known digital blue coat with any type of lenses that you choose. The company also offers a 48-hour dispatch for simple prescription glasses with a 90 days unconditional return guarantee, among a host of other benefits.

As a trusted online vision provider in the UAE, Optically also has a customer friendly return policy. This helps us become one of the quality eyewear retailers in the country! Shop Now!