September Best Selling Readers: Handpicked for You!

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September 04, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Reading Glasses that are Comfortable and Stylish!

So it’s time; you are having perennial sight troubles when you are reading fine print or even working on the computer. Buying prescription glasses may be the most immediate solution for all your sight troubles. But are you ready?

When you buy spectacles online, chiefly for your reading and working hours, you could be in for some trouble selecting what suits you best. At Optically, we help you find the best glasses from a vast collection of readers available with us.

These designer glasses help you go down the perfect vision path without letting your eyesight suffer along with your style quotient. Reading glasses in general are must have commodities for men who have nagging vision problems.

Here are the best of men’s glasses that are tailor made to match different lifestyles and individual appearances.

Aside from reawakening your fashion pulse, these pairs of glasses can help revitalize your vision and help grab eyeballs. Here are the awe inspiring frames that help set a trend in readers:

Full bodied Fun

Norfolk - AED78

If you are thinking of a frame that rules in black and sets your masculine pulse aflutter, then opt for these Norfolk readers. This is a simple and sophisticated pair of reading glasses that has flexible arms and a classic full rimmed body. These are utterly modern and well designed to offer comfort and great durability.

Rave in Rimless Readers

Milan - AED143

Rimless readers perched on your nose bridge can sometimes be a problematic affair. But these glasses are different. Easy and lightweight, these glasses are a futuristic pair in gunmetal that score brownie points with its looks and features. Made of beta titanium, these rimless glasses are a breezy breakthrough from our stable. With a featherweight touch, these glasses promise an eyewear experience that is unmatched.

Midsummer Madness

Nineteenth Street Ns10174 C11 - AED138

Half rimmed and fabulously famous, these frames offer you maximum eye coverage. These glasses have strong arms that fit securely. You can count on this piece of eyewear to last long and be worn not just at work and at the desk but at evening parties too.

Apart from these amazing styles in readers, you can also buy prescription sunglasses online at Optically. With over 33 thousand frames for your taking, you can select the best pair of tinted shades that goes with your personality. Happy Shopping!