Reasons why eyeglasses win hands down over contact lenses

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Contact lenses versus Eyeglasses- Some facts

August 02, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Want to wear geeky glasses? At some point in our lives, we all wear corrective lenses from prescription glasses online. Since there are many people who often correct their vision by choosing custom made glasses, only you and your vision care specialist can determine whether you need contact lenses or eyeglasses. However, to begin with, you can order in glasses online as they are affordable and easier to wear as opposed to contact lenses.

With eyeglasses, you can put them on and get perfect vision quite easily. These are fuss free and are convenient. You can enjoy great vision in no time. Your set of readers can be put on easily at study and taken off in a matter of seconds. Most importantly, eyeglasses come in myriad designer glass frames and enjoy delectable quality in Optically.

Glasses can be tinted and lenses ordered with a digital coating to prevent the eyes from getting affected by the UV rays. You can wear these in times of averting glares and bright lights as opposed to contacts that do not offer too much eye protection. There are several problems you can face when you wear contact lenses. You can face the risk of eye infection if you do not sterilize your lenses regularly.

Contacts need to be sterilized after each and every use and left to soak for hours. Some people may also have dry eye infection and find contact lenses quite irritating. Contacts are also not as durable as glasses are. In fact, the ones that are long lasting may actually cost you a bomb!

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You can use glasses and contact lenses together. Some people enjoy wearing contacts all day switching to wear eyeglasses when reading. Your vision care specialist or optician is your best bet for advice in this case. It is widely known that people who have astigmatism, often find it hard to see with contact lenses, in that case, you need to evaluate your lifestyle and condition to wear a suitable eyewear.

You might not find your current frames fashionable and with the times, at Optically, we try our best to appeal to your creative vein and offer prescription sunglasses and glasses that are splash of vividness! You can order glasses from our new arrivals section and brands.

With hordes of glasses waiting on offer, choose the best eye furniture that suits your lifestyle!