Out of Sight? 5 Symptoms that Yell out you Need Eyeglasses

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August 14, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Eyesight Indicators that Clearly Explain Vision Disorders

Are you having double vision problems? Do you feel constant pain in your eyes? One of the clearest signs that you need glasses is actually the inability to read symbols on billboards or finding newspaper print illegible. There are several ways to understand whether your eye is failing you on different occasions.

Roughly 60 percent of all adults need some form of vision correction in their life. Most of these visual anomalies can be treated with prescription glasses. The key to understanding whether you need eyeglasses is by sitting through an eye exam at the optometrist’s chamber.

Here are the visible signs that indicate that you need designer glasses frames for your eyes:

Blurry Vision

If you no longer recognize your pal from a distance of 3 yards, you may be in need of myopia correcting glasses. Are you having a fuzzy feel when you are reading a magazine up close? You may need hyperopic glasses. If you are suffering from lack of clear vision for objects both near and far, you may be afflicted with astigmatism. This is a common condition where the cornea of the eye gets elongated. You need to rest your eyes and visit an eye doctor for scheduling an eye exam.

Night Vision

In many other cases, you might have trouble viewing things at night. Many times, night vision fades in patients because of high power in the eyes. Sometimes you might also find it difficult to trace objects in a dark room. Chances of you needing prescription eyeglasses are high in this case.

If it takes longer for your eyes to adjust to dim light after seeing bright lights on the highway, it is most likely that the muscles in your iris are expanding and contracting with difficulty and you are facing vision worries.

All day Sunnies

You might require prescription sunglasses more often than not if you are venturing out in the sun. In many cases, this enables the eyes to remain healthy and safe. But many still squint and blink in the afternoon sun. This may indicate eye strain that is caused because of high power. Try taking regular breaks from the outdoors and wear tinted frames with prescription power to help ease your sight worries.

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Recurring Headaches

Frequent headaches are sometimes the best mechanism used by your eyes to show that it is in need of prescription glasses. When the small muscles in the eye are forced to work harder the result is severe strain of the eye that may cause terrible headaches.

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