Our Collection Of Designer Eyeglasses By Top Brands At Optically UAE

Designer Eyeglasses Online
April 27, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

It is not always about trying out the latest clothing, footwear, accessories, and bags, but about the buzz created by the trending eyewear fashion industry. Many fashion conscious individuals are continually looking for the latest eyewear collection since a perfect pair of eyeglasses can help you get the desired look and can also work as a great fashion accessory. Some of the popular eyeglasses brands are GUCCI, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss, etc.

Getting the right pair of eyewear design is a very personal choice that includes buying glasses that suits your style, face, outfit and enhance your personality. Be it sunglasses or eyeglasses mostly it is about eyeglasses, as it is worn for the most extended hours of the day hence, they need to look great on you.

So for all those who are looking for designer eyeglasses, here is our top collection.

Rectangular eyeglasses frames

Rectangular Eyeglasses

Rectangular shaped eyeglasses frames create a bold, fun and unforgettable impact. These types of spectacles frames are wider than they are tall. This is an ideal style for individuals with the round or oval shape. Rectangular is a popular shape among most of the glasses manufacturer because of its one of the best sellers. These are among the most loved frames because they can give the wearer a smart and a professional look. This one is one of the most popular eyewear styles almost all the world-class brand have rectangular glass frames in their collection such as Hugo Boss, Carrera, Marc Jacobs, etc.

Cateye shape eyeglasses frames

Cateye Glasses

This is a popular shape in eyeglasses that has been around for a very long time. The cat-eye frame is characterized by rounded frames that flare out near the temples. This is one of the most loyal styles amongst women with a retro style. This style frame tends to be more playful and is ideal for women with square & diamond faces. Cat-eyes are available in many statement-making colors and stunning styles by high-end brands such as Fendi, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, etc.

Rounded spectacles frames

Round Frames Online

A rounded shaped frame is a retro geek-chic style. Round eyeglasses frames are a great pick for women and especially for men who want to look experiment with their look and style. Unique frame design by brand like Carrera, Marc Jacobs, GUCCI, etc. will never go unnoticed. There numerous ways you can style round frames with such as classic bridge and/or nose pads, straight, curly and polo covered temples and with many other fabulous styles and features.

Always remember, your taste, style, and confidence is what will truly make the frame suit face shape and personality. This suggestion should be only used as the first-hand guidance to help you select the right shape of eyeglasses.