How to Stop your Glasses from Sliding Down Your Nose?

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August 22, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Tips to Prevent Glasses from Slipping Your Nose

Are you a glasses wearer who is looking to have his or her pair fit snugly and not slip at the slightest pretext? When you do buy glasses online, there is nothing worse than having these pairs slipping down your nose. Working on a computer or even reading a book becomes difficult if your glasses keep slipping off from your face.

Most of us press our index finger against the bridge of the specs and cannot help but deflect attention from our regular chores to our glasses.

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There are several reasons why your prescription sunglasses can slip out in summer. These may be because of an oily nose to your ears being too low. Sometimes, the arms of your glasses too can be shorter than usual and risk your pair of facial furniture to fall out.

Here are some of the most important hacks that help end all spectacle slipping issues in the long run. A good look at these may just lessen your eyewear woes and cut valuable time being wasted.

‘Hair- rising’ Bands for Grip

To begin with, an affordable solution is tying hair bands at the temples of the glasses. The hair band creates a bit more height too the specs and it suitably on your ears. It feels a lot tighter in the head and the glasses do not fall out.

Pushing glasses every second on your nose is simply not required.

Apply Matt

Try using a mattifying skin nourisher on your nose so that the nose pads don’t slip out at the smallest pretext. If you wash your face with an oil free cleanser, you can actually help the nose pores from secreting too much oil.

Sometimes applying lemon juice and using clay masks every morning helps control oil secretions.

Bend it Right

If you are regular at your optician’s store and buy designer glasses online, you can start off by bending the temples of your glasses. This can be done by using a hair dryer or a heat gun that reshapes the plastic or metallic frames.

Simply start off by heating the temple arms and then carefully bend the wings to create a deeper curve. These curved shaped glasses will sit comfortably as a hook in the ears and make the eyeglasses more secure. Metallic frames can be adjusted with pliers too.

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