How to Select the right prescription glasses for Work?

prescription glasses
July 19, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Prescription glasses are an inseparable asset to us and there is no way we can imagine life without them. Even the ones without a prescription are wearing glasses to style and protect their eyes.

Yes, you heard right, prescription glasses are the new chic geek look in town driving designers creativity to come up with newer shapes, colours and textures. Glasses don't just stop at the conventional rectangle and round anymore, they have more urban touches and chic influence.

Lenses are also available in customizable options like the coating, tint, gradient and type which means that getting personalized glasses is just a few clicks away, especially if you choose to shop for glasses online.

Optically offers an array of trustworthy, quality and trendy frame styles to choose from on their user friendly website, that hosts simple filters to narrow your selection. Select from frame size, colour, shape and material. If the diverse catalog gets you confused, use our Virtual Try On feature to help you see how the frame look on you before you finalize.

Just upload your close up portrait and click on the Try On button at each featured frame of womens and mens glasses.You can muse that quirky geometrical frame that you have always been keen on or give a boho oversized frame a try! See what your peers and family say, its like your own virtual retail store!

We spend 80% of our day working, spending hours in front of digital devices, even if we don't have a prescription we ought to wear glasses with a digital blue light protection. You don't want to be red teary eyed in your next meeting right?

Prescription glasses correct vision but they also protect your eyes from strain by filtering harmful radiation. Hence, when you decide to shop for designer glasses online here's what you need to know:


Looking impeccable for work is something that should not escape you, whether you work in a mall, at an office or at a cafe. They glasses need to be durable and compliment your face shape. You sure don't want to look shoddy half your life do you?

Select frame shape as per your face shape for perfect results, the trick to to accentuate and soften the required face angles, here's a quick go to guide:

Round: Square, Rectangle

Pear: Cat-eye

Heart: Clubmaster

Oval: Square

Square: Aviators

2. Colour

Go for colours that can easily match your work attire. For a fun work environment select deep plum or red that highlights the flirty side of you, for a formal set-up if you are bored with the classic black or brown go for earthy pastels like beige, clear or nude that look classy. Tortoise shell ofcourse is a timeless texture to buy.

3. Type:

Is it full rimmed, half rimmed or rimless designer glasses frames that you muse? Rimless is a matured frame, whereas half rimmed is creative. You can find brow embellishments and extended temples in a half rimmed for a quirky look. Full rimmed glasses are the never go wrong pair and everyone's first pick for their regulars. The type depends on your personal preference so long as the shape and colour match your personality.

4. Reglaze

Frames are enhanced by the glasses, and not just a sharper vision but a sharper image of yourself to others. Broken, old, scratched or foggy prescription lenses in a great pair of mens or womens glasses is a strict no no. Use our reglaze glasses feature and get new prescription lenses fitted in your existing beloved frame. Just send us your old pair, select the required modification and proceed to pay. We will start working on it with utter care to give your glasses a renewed look!

Look sharp and stay fashionable, with our affordable designer glasses frames you don't have to compromise on style anymore just for the price! Shop Now!