How to reduce Eyeglass number?

Prescription glasses
April 30, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

When you are a prescription glass wearer you know exactly what a crucial role they play in your lives regardless of the level of prescription.

They have become your constants and you cannot imagine being at work, or an event or even a party without them.

Since they correct your vision the style of frames is also an important decision to make. Prescription glasses become a barrier while playing sports or trying out a new adventure, you need the right kind of glasses.

If you have a higher prescription then managing without your spectacles is a far off thought.

Everyone must get a chance on getting their vision corrected, and no it does not necessarily mean getting a lasik surgery done.

Even though some might muse laser others might want to stay away from getting the radiation into our body. For those who like to go conventional, we have a few things that you can try that will help you get rid of glasses.

1) Use the Right Glasses :

Make sure you get your eyes checked with several optometrists for the most accurate prescription and wear the lowest among them. Ensure that you wear sunglasses when outside to protect further eye-strain.

food for eyes

2) Food for Eyes :

Eat food high in iron, zinc and Vitamin C that fuels blood circulation to the eyes. Protein filled food like carrots, kale, spinach, fish oil and chicken. You can also take iron protein supplements that maintain a good eyesight.

Avoid food high on sugar and caffeine.


3) Exercise :

Adapt eye exercises in your daily routine, like making figure 8 with your eyes, tightly squeezing your eyes and opening them wide and the extreme left and extreme right movement of the eyes.

Sarvangasana is the best yoga pose to correct vision. You start by raising your lower body from the abdomen against a wall to raising it high enough that the weight of your body is supported at the neck and your palms hold your lower body in upwards position.

meditation for healthy eyes

4) Meditation :

Calming your mind and visualising clearer vision also works if you set out a dedicated time in the morning to practice it. A calmer mind ensures optimum functioning of all organs.

Alternatively, you can reduce use of digital devices and comfort your eyes. The above methods not just ensure your prescription stays lower but for some has seen betterment in vision.

While choosing right spectacles make sure you pick good designer glasses with excellent quality lenses, don't compromise on your buy.

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