How to Clean Eyeglasses?

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May 09, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

The right pair of glasses can immediately elevate your mood and sharpen your attitude. It's like the prescription glasses not only correct your vision but give you a new wave of confidence.

Your spectacles are your inseparable best friend and you cannot imagine even a minute without them, unless of course it's night! But then I've known of some people who have slept with glasses on as well! Tch Tch..

The lenses of our glasses are temperamental and need to be tended to regularly, to ofcourse increase their functionality.

Like cleaning them for instance, how often do we actually do a serious cleaning of our glasses and frames?

We at have compiled ways you can clean your eyeglasses and have a cleaner experience everyday.

1) Use Case and Cloth

Every pair of glasses comes with its own case and a muslin cleaning cloth. Make sure you keep that well and store your glasses in them when not in use. If you have broken or lost it, you can easily get a case and cloth at your opticians or the local convenience store.

2) Soap

Surprising soap water is effective in cleaning the glasses surface without scratching it. It easily takes away dust and the cleaning agent leaves the lenses sharp and clear.

Tip: Do use soap in a diluted form to avoid coating abrasion and run the glasses under running cold water aftermath.

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3) Cotton & Alcohol

Ethyl alcohol or acetone is a quick absorbent cleaning agent when used in a small quantity. The ethereal nature makes cleaning easier especially on metal and acetate. However, excessive use or incorrect use on cheap rip offs may lead to colour scraping concern.

4) Toothpaste

Toothpaste is an excellent DIY for removal of scratches on the lenses. That doesn't mean you wait for them to scratch, you might as well have it in your bi weekly cleaning schedule and avoid it altogether.

5) Reglaze

If your glasses have been a decade old, are not meeting fashion standards,or are too tarred away, then it's time to renew your lenses. Go for reglazing your glasses where your favourite frames will be fit in with new lenses in the choice of tints or type of lens that you want to upgrade to!

Care for your glasses just as you care for your eyes! Shop online today for affordable designer glasses online at