Why Are Polarized Sunglasses Better For Our Eyes?

Prescription Glasses
May 25, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

Sunglasses are an undeniable fashion accessory and everyone owns at least one pair in their wardrobe.

They not just protect eyes but also represent the attitude of the person wearing them. With prescription sunglasses in the picture, things have gotten so much better.

You don't have to switch between two pair of glasses, you can ditch your prescription glasses and get a cool pair of prescription sunglasses that you have always wanted.

Now with transition lenses, the need is taken care of beautifully. They darker in sunlight and lighten in softer light.

Selecting the right pair is important to bring you an immediate sense of style as they reflect your personality, your attitude.


Selecting the frame for your face type is one of the most crucial aspects of eyewear fashion. They must accentuate your features the best.

Oversized glasses are a versatile style to suit any face type and so are wide rectangle glasses.

For others here's a go to guide:

Round Face: Square

Square Face: Aviators

Oval Face: Clubmaster

Heart Shape :Round

Pear Shape Face: Cat-eye


Choosing the right colour as per your skin tone is an essential criteria. For darker skin tones, go for earthy hues and neutrals, for lighter skin tones you can experiment with brighter colours and pastels. The classic black and clear can suit all skin tones.

Cat-eye Sunglasses


Your lifestyle is defined by your profession and leisure activities you undertake. Most often than not these carve your personality. If you are in an official setting and like golfing, then going for wayfarers will be the right option but if you are in an informal work setting and adventurous then aviators or clubmaster is the best bet for you.


What's your style quotient? Chic, Wacky or Fun? If you are given one word to describe yourself what would that be? Make sure you pick your sunglasses keeping that in mind and it's not just the shape of the eyewear that decides it, but also the texture and colours you can experience.

Don't let your prescription keep you away from donning sunglasses everywhere you require! Shop for affordable designer glasses online and get the trendiest pairs in your optical wardrobe.

Remember, listen to what truly calls you and your beloved frame will find you!