How do you avoid your Glasses from Fogging Up?

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August 20, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

How to avoid your Lenses from Getting Fogged up?

One of the most difficult issues faced by an eyeglass wearer during summer is dealing with the embarrassing issue of these fogging up.

Your prescription glasses may just become hazy when you step outside in the Arabian sun after having spent some time in the air conditioned office rooms.

Some other professionals who work in certain job roles such as that in scientific research and as kitchen staff often find themselves working in steamy environments that clog up vision.

Most others who wear jogging and running rimless glasses often also complain of lack of clarity in vision because of their eyewear constantly getting clogged because of heat and moisture.

Fortunately, you do not have to suffer in silence and can opt for the following methods when in need of clear glasses online.

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Ways to Prevent Steaming Up

  • You can start off by cleaning your glasses with anti fog lens wipes. These help deter the steaming up when you are in the midst of important tasks outside in the inclement weather. If you don’t have anti fog sprays and wipes in the house, you can use a miniscule amount of shaving foam that help polish your lenses. You can keep the lenses and let it dry.

  • Another fine method of preventing your lenses from getting fogged up is by using a small amount of solid soap to wipe clean your lenses. You should let the shaving foam sit on for a few minutes before you buff it off with a cloth. Just like shaving foam, certain ingredients in soap help create a transparent layer that protects from elements outside.

  • One of the main reasons why glasses often fog up is because there is lack of air circulation during intense heat and cold. You should select reading glasses that sit away from your nose bridge and enables good air circulation.

  • If you are interested in keeping your eyeglasses safe from fogging, you should also use anti wetness sprays that help keep the moisture away from your facial apparatus.

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