Heart throb in Glasses: Johnny Depp

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February 27, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

We all have a love affair with our prescription glasses and sunglasses. They are perfect companions and your personal style maker. The right pair of glasses just gets the best out of your personality.

It's how simply they bring out the chic, elegant and sophisticated look. With time we realize how much of a necessary fashion accessory they have become.

Gone are the days when sunglasses were worn only against sunlight, today they are sported fashionable indoors as well. Now even prescription glass holders can get their prescription glazed into their favourite designer sunglasses.

To top it all, when our favourite celebrities style latest designer sunglasses, we just can't wait to get our hands on those pairs of sunglasses! We all wish to own those labels or styles.

There are some celebrities that remain wacky, while some bespoke and there are some that aren't afraid to experiment in various styles, textures and shapes.

Some celebrities remain our favourite and we follow their trending looks religiously. One of them is Johnny Depp, the Pirates of the Caribbean star who can flaunt class with nonchalance.

His exotic looks make his look irresistible in glasses. Its like wondering what goes on behind them!

Johnny Depp is versatile in acting of course, but what's more he is fearless when experimenting with fashion! And that kind of makes our knees go weak!

We at Optically have compiled below a list of his various looks in spectacles for you to gape at while nobody's watching!

1) This simple black frame, with Metal accents give Johnny a desirable edge.This boy next door look of his with the tattoos, make him mischievously adorable!

2) The fedora cap is doing rounds in the fashion industry. With our heart-throb donning one on the red carpet is gives us major fashion goals! But the look wouldn't have been drop dead gorgeous if it wasn't for his black with purple tinted prescription sunglasses.

3) The Oh So Serious look teamed with the chic brown frames, are rounding Johnny’s sculpted features into a vintage twist. The round glasses are perfect for his square face type.

4) The creative, nonchalant look in a tweed pullover is a boy next door look enhances with the brown wide frames blending with the hues in his hair. Johnny looks like the guy your parents would love to meet!

5) Tortoise shell couldn't have been pulled off better but by the superstar. The simplistic design in full rimmed acetate and round glasses compliment his skin and hair perfectly.

6) The bad guy needs his glamorous pair of tinted Aviators. This secretive look with a brow bar makes him jaw dropping hot!

7) This young look with ruffled hair is adorable with full rimmed rounded metal frames for added innocence.

We assume you must have spent a guilt free hour looking at these, why not hop online to optically.ae and buy these must have frames for your boyfriend, beloved, parent or a friend giving them a celebrity edge!