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February 01, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

We talk frequently of a healthy diet but how frequently do we talk about a healthy eyesight. We are often so fixated on our appearance we forget the internal focus towards our own body. Our eyes that help us visualize beautiful images just as we observe and register all those fashion trends and must haves of the season. When was the last time you sat with your friend over coffee and discussed the safeguards to your eyes, or even discussed the idea of prescription sunglasses when you noticed a nice pair you could plan to own?

As per stats, 6 out of 10 individuals sport sunglasses and they have become an undeniable part of our wardrobe now. Are you the remaining 4 that are not wearing sunglasses due to your prescription glasses? Are you gradually ignoring the safety of your eyesight by donning your glasses even in the scorching sun just because they are a necessity?

Gone are the days when you couldn't wear sunglasses due to your prescription glasses. Treat your eyes to prescription sunglasses with the wide frames to choose from at that take care of your wardrobe and your eyesight! What an era to be in!


We have heard of the many ill effects of UV rays from the sun and therefore caused eye concerns that can be permanent or even temporary to your eyes. Some of the common being eye stiffness, redness and some serious like cataract and temporary blindness. Yikes! We do not want any of those just because we ignored the thought of prescription sunglasses! Direct sunlight exposure over a period of time is also stated to cause permanent retinal damage. Did we even think of these while straining and squinting our eyes against sunlight through our beloved glasses. Not to forget that nasty glare on our glasses that has ruined perfect pictures and perfect conversations!

Be it while driving, taking a stroll or a fancy outdoor brunch party don't ignore the health of your vision. With our Prescription Sunglasses online you don't have to compromise on your vision or style anymore. Put it together and buy trendy, classic and bold designs to suit your personality with wide variety of cheap designer, chic, retro and modern sunglasses frames that can easily fit in your prescription. Order your prescription sunglasses online at the comfort at your home. Hop on to and get your pair dispatched within 24 hours now!