Best Seller of the Month: Cat-Eye Glasses

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March 22, 2018
Published By Aisha Sheikh

The sleek feminine nature of the cat-eye glasses is in its upswept angles. A vintage trend started with Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe has made a whopping comeback and is here to stay.

The deep top angles towards the ears are feline elegance and give effortless grandeur to the wearer.

Earlier cat-eye that were deep angular were best suited for oval and heart shaped faces. The softened the face edges accentuating features very well.

With the increasing demand of the style, the frames evolved in shape, size and material to be able to suit the various personalities.

The frames started to have brow embellishments, textures and two tone combinations with the cat eye angles gradually increasing or decreasing.

They got adopted from full rimmed to semi rimmed with versatility in material used. Earlier they were acetate, now they have adopted into metal as well.

Both acetate and metal are lightweight, durable and comfortable to use, they can be molded into variety of shapes and styles.

Cat-eye frame style looks great for both prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. In an advent to improvise this style, now even men can done slight cat-eye frames.

The slight cat eye is classified with stud accents on the upsweep near the hinges of the ear rests. It adds elegance and creativity to the frame.

Cat-eye is also versatile to style, be it at work, or while you run errands or even at a party.

We have compiled for the list of this years best sellers in the Cat-eye category for you to make a trendy pick!

1) The best-seller of the month, the classic tortoise shell texture with double accents in Acetate is the fun and flirty design to flaunt.

2) The retro rounded glasses with a hint of upsweep emphasized with metal accents and the combination of acetate-metal is sheer elegance and sophistication.

3) Spring ushers the dawn of colours and fashionistas now explore blue in gradient texture to pamper the diva in you!

4) A classic innovation with a modern touch, the frame in gold metal and acetate brow sides is minimal yet chic.

5) Two tone glasses have been ruling the charts recently and this Acetate black and grey combination is a versatile pick to make!

6) A unisex frame with oversized glass in black suits any face type and easy to pick for official meets and friendly dinners.

7) Clear glasses are vintage yet millenial in make, the oval cat eye is classy with tortoise arm rests!

What's more you can even get these made into prescription sunglasses or with a different type of lens that you require. Log online at and get these bestsellers delivered to your doorstep today!